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Friday, May 18, 2012

47% of Russians Believe You Catch Gayness from the Media

I caught "gay" from watching Gilligan's Island, myself ...

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“Forty-seven percent of the respondents said media and propaganda were the key factors contributing to development of a person’s non-traditional sexual orientation,” the pollster said in a press release issued Thursday. Among other vital factors that impact the development of homosexuality, respondents named the influence of friends and parents (35 and 33 percent, respectively). Only 16 percent said that negative experience of past relationships with people of the opposite sex brings about homosexuality.
Another fun fact churned up to the surface by the poll for all the world to see is that Russians’ public perception of homosexuals is worse than that of people from other faiths, ethnicities and social statuses.
Look, study after study shows that homophobia is linked to two overwhelming factors: Latent homosexuality and a lack of higher education brought on by poverty. It’s not that homosexuals are inherently bad, it’s that homophobes are inherently gay and extrinsically impoverished and uneducated.
Basically it’s your problem, not ours.

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