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Saturday, May 12, 2012

End of Times (A Little Eagle Told Me)

William Tapley, of Oneida County, NY used to design furniture for Ethan Allen.  Then he retired.  The additional time on his hands gave him freedom to explore poetry, music and sculpture.  You know, typical retiree who now has freedom to explore his interests at leisure.  The extra time was a "blessing." It allowed him to explore his more contemplative and religious side. Because you see that in addition to being a retired designer of faux Early American chairs and such, Mr. Tapley is also the 


Having come to this overdue conclusion, Mr. Tapley began to post his prophetic visions on You Tube.  He's now posted several hundred of them, including a fine exegetical piece on Satanic phallic symbols being displayed cunningly at the Denver International Airport (gateway to the End of Times if there ever was one).

Mr. Tapley, it seems is blessed with VISIONS that only the THIRD EAGLE OF THE APOCALYPSE AND CO-PROPHET of the END TIMES could (or should, for that matter) see.

The THIRD EAGLE has posted a new You Tube video today.  It's about poetry.  Actually it's about a poem written by President Barack Obama, and Mr. Tapley's interpretation of it.  Literary criticism requires quiet time for reflection, contact with one's inner muse, and some seriously fucking damaged gray matter.  Tapley has discovered that Obama is secretly gay, and that the poem reveals a past of MAN-TO-MAN ACTION.  Yep.  Our Prez is not only a closet case, he digs older men:

Hey, he's the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse. I mean if the First or Second Eagles of the Apocalypse said something like this I'd have my doubts. But the Third Eagle? We'd be nutz to ignore this. Be warned.

Here's an interview that the THIRD EAGLE OF THE APOCALYPSE AND CO-PROPHET OF THE END TIMES gave to recently.

How do you get to be the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and Co-Prophet of the End Times?

A I was a furniture engineer for 26 years at Ethan Allen (Inc.) in Boonville. That wasn't my calling. I was always interested in Bible prophecy, but I never really pursued it. ... After I realized that I understood the Book of Esther, I said, well, now I'm going to look at Revelation and see if I can understand that. And sure enough, I realized that I did understand all the mysterious symbolism. So I wrote a book, with my findings in it. But it was very difficult to promote. People were not that interested.

I went on shortwave radio, WWCR, World Wide Christian Radio. I had a half-hour program, but that did not reach too many people either. When I was working on that, I needed a computer to type up my scripts. ... I got an iMac. I was working on it one day, and I pushed a button, and a picture of me came up on the screen, and I said, "Whoa, what's that?" It had a camera, and I realized I could make movies. I found that I could reach many more people on YouTube than I ever could on shortwave radio.

Q Do people around Forestport make a big deal about you being Co-Prophet of the End Times?

A There are probably four or five people in my church that know I'm on YouTube. That's about it.

Q You don't have people coming to seek you out?

A No. I really don't. I don't have seminars at my home. ... I am concentrating all my efforts on making videos on YouTube.

Q How did you conclude that Denver International Airport is full of phallic symbols?

A Well, I also watch videos on YouTube, and there are many videos on the Denver airport. I should point out that, although Anderson Cooper made a big deal about that one video, I've posted almost 200 videos, and that's the only one where I talk about phallic symbols. In fact, I've done four on the Denver murals. I suppose anything of a sexual nature would be more popular. I suppose that's why he zeroed in on it.

Q I was wondering, have you ever found phallic symbols at Hancock Airport?

A Oh, no. I've been to Hancock but, I don't think so.

Q As Co-Prophet of the End Times, can you tell me how much longer we have?

A I can't tell you the day or the hour, as Jesus said, but I can tell you the general season for Armageddon, and that's going to be in 2017, so we have about six years. Before then, there are many more horrific events, as described in the Book of Revelation. I don't give the dates for those things. You just have to be prepared at all times.

Q Anderson Cooper seemed to be laughing at you. How does that make you feel?

A Well, he laughs at me, but I think it's more of a nervous laughter. I think he realizes I am correct. In fact, if you listen to what he says, he says that I give a weak argument, but he never really contradicts what I say. I think he's smart not to. Because I think he realizes that history is on my side. History is going to show that I have analyzed those murals correctly. I think he realizes that.

Q You know, I got the impression that he thinks you do these videos as a spoof. Can you assure me that you're not doing this as a spoof?

A Oh, absolutely not, no. It's not a spoof. I'm dead serious. All those videos -- that's the truth. What I'm saying in those videos is the absolute truth.

Q If you become famous, can you still be the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse?

A I'm not looking for personal glory. But certainly, I hope my message gets out. That's why I'm doing this interview. The more people who know what's going on, who spend their time watching television, they're never going to learn about the Denver Airport. That's another reason I don't even have a television anymore. I get all my information off the Internet. To me, it's a much more reliable source.

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