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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Indiana: Gay Teenager Attacked at Mall

Darnell "Dynasty" Young, left, said he was attacked at a local shopping mall.

Gay teen expelled from school attacked in Indiana mall 

Khyran Delay, 34, was arrested for allegedly assaulting the teen

A gay Indianapolis teen expelled for bringing a stun gun to his high school in a bid to ward off bullies said he fears for his life after he was attacked at a local shopping mall where he works.

Khyran R. Delay, 34, was arrested for allegedly assaulting Darnell “Dynasty” Young in the Circle Centre Mall’s food court after recognizing the teen from media coverage of his expulsion from school, the Indianapolis Star reported, citing court documents.

The mall incident began after Darnell, 17, walked by Delay’s table in the food court, according to the newspaper. Delay is accused of telling the teen to stay away from him and then spewing a spate of homophobic slurs. He then allegedly attacked Young, before being detained by mall security.
According to the newspaper, court documents said Delay admitted to mall security officers he’d seen Young in the media, and wanted to confront him about his story.

Young made headlines nationwide after using a stun gun his mother had given him to ward off six menacing classmates. He was subsequently expelled.

Delay has reportedly been charged with battery and remains in Marion County Jail awaiting a court appearance.

His mother, Chelisa Grimes, told the Star that school officials failed to act in time to stop her son from getting bullied. According to the report, students taunted him with homophobic slurs and even threw rocks at him.
“I do not promote violence — not at all,” the boy’s mother, Chelisa Grimes, told CNN last week. “But what is a parent to do when she has done everything that she felt she was supposed to do.”

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