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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


According to an email sent today  by Pastor Sean Harris his interview for CNN will be broadcast tonight on Anderson Cooper's show.

The email also contains a link to the "entire interview."  It actually cuts out about half way through.  You hear  CNN's David Mattingly ask "You never refer to homosexuals as people ... "  And it ends.

Still, there's enough there to make a sensible person's blood boil.

-- His remarks were "chopped" "edited" " clipped.  He keeps saying this as if reciting it will make it true.  Complete versions on video and audio were uploaded and posted BY HIM OR HIS CHURCH.  I have yet to encounter anyone using an edited version, anywhere.

-- When he told fathers to "punch" their effeminate sons he didn't mean "punch" in the literal sense  ... whatever he did mean remains unclear.  If you've seen or heard this, you know exactly what he meant.

---- He's shocked, SHOCKED, at the intolerance of people who've called him to task for this.  And at the profane language they have used.  
Um ... Pastor Harris?  
Take a Flying Fuck at a Rolling Donut You Evil Bigoted Hate-Mongering Shit Head Rat Bastard.  (oops, hope that's "profane" enough for you).

Link to his audio post here:  Sean Harris CNN

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