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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Swift-bonering of Mitt Romney

The Swift-bonering of Mitt Romney: Make your vote count on erection day

from:  Dangerous Minds

There’s an absolutely hilarious plan afoot to royally fuck with Mitt Romney that’s rapidly gaining traction on the popular social content aggregator site reddit. Has the reddit community figured out a surefire way to defeat Mitt Romney, even in red states?
Maybe so!
Democrats should pay close attention here. The Republicans may have the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove in their corner, but this is surely more deviously creative than anything a reichwinger could ever come up with.
Even more powerful than money? Well, you tell me.
It goes something like this: Presumed Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, responding to a survey earlier this year from the Morality in Media group’s “War on Illegal Pornography” campaign, indicated that as president, he would call for “strict enforcement of our nation’s obscenity laws.”
Now the merry pranksters of reddit /r/politics want to organize banner campaigns across various online porn sites to advertise Romney’s stance on pornography.
What better way to turn off potential Republican male voters in pr0n-crazy red states. Even the 20-something males who are the most impervious to politics might decide to register to vote over this issue. Hit ‘em where they live…ten plus hours a day!
Here’s a representative sampling of the reddit community’s reaction to the proposed stunt:
This November, don’t let Romney kill your boner forever.

These ads would be going against “The one little trick to get a 9 inch dick”, it doesn’t really matter how easy to pick apart it is.

Taking out ads on porn sites is a marvelous idea - it would likely result in subconsciously associating an orgasm with whatever the message of the ad is.
I seriously LOL’d at this. My room mates had to ask what was so funny. They think it’s awesome, too.
I’m going to start stockpiling porn.
Nobody votes for a boner killer.
I’d think that porn websites would be advertising this freely on their own.
Hi, I run—if somebody wants to design us a 300x250 i’ll throw it on our homepage for a week!
Where do I donate?
‘Romney can take my porn from my warm sticky hand…’
Nice try, Obama. That said, I’d pitch in a few bucks.
“This November,when you go to the polls, think of your pole.”
This must be done
I work at an ad:tech company, specifically in the business of placing banner ads across the web. If someone is seriously interested in getting these run, I can help.
So he wasn’t happy just pissing off women huh? This is going to be the biggest landslide in the last 50 years.
The hypocritical, angry, white males who feed the tea party have finally painted themselves into a corner. They have to appear to disdain porn for their morally prudish wives, when in fact the porn industry caters almost exclusively to (such) men.
The Republicans have already lost the female voters. This could cleave quite a few males from the GOP fold, too!

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