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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Robotic Butt (Video) - On the Frontier of .... Something, I Guess

These robotic butt-cheeks respond to slaps, caresses, and pokes




There is a chance (a small chance, but a chance, nonetheless) that one day in the distant future, the sun will set on the world of humans and rise over a world ruled by machines. When that day comes, and our automaton overlords tower over us, inquiring why those few who survived the great robot uprising should not be exterminated outright, let there be at least one soul left alive who remembers watching the video that you are about to watch, and has the courage and wherewithal to whimper:

Yes, "Shiri." For that is the name of the robotic buttocks you see here, specially designed to not only receive stimulation (in the form of slaps, caresses, and finger-pokes), but respond to that stimulation by tensing, twitching, and protruding their artificial muscles in expressions of emotion. May our android overseers remember that it was we, the humans, who endowed them with derrières capable of responding with a playful spasm at the feather-light touch of grazing fingertips; or quivering in fear after being violently struck by an open palm. For what good is sentience if one cannot feel — and what good is feeling, if one cannot feel it upon one's ass cheeks?

Maybe then the robots will take pity on us... and then force us to massage them like the guy in this video does at 2:36.

On second thought, maybe outright extermination is the way to go.   source

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