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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Rhode Islander responds ...

"lt's a sure sign of spring, as predicable as the Red Sox at spring training, the swallows returning to Capistrano, and the flowing of green beer on St. Patrick's Day ... "

So starts Bishop Timothy Dolan's screed against marriage equality in Rhode Island ...

And He Has 5 Arguments:

1) The proposal to legalize homosexual marriage is an attempt to redefine the institution of marriage as it has existed from the very beginning of human history.

How did Bishop Dolan witness the "very beginning" of human history?

And since when, my bishop, friend, did "organized advocates" become a bad thing?

I suspect that the Dominicans, Jesuits, and others would have some little problem with your suspicion of organization.

Nice trick, no dice.

We want to "redefine" nothing, only celebrate marriage and expand it, to include us.

2) Homosexual marriage enshrines into civil law immoral activity.

"Natural Law" was rejected by the church as  being "immoral" --- when Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident  " 

This gave the church a headache.

(and yes, my friends, the Founders were atheists  -- Deists, at best who thought that the Creator had a very very nice sense of symmetry,)

 thanks so much, Bishop Tolan, for arriving in 2012.  How's the view?

Oh, and my "activity" is none of your business,

Shame on you for peaking in the window.

3) The concept of same-sex marriage is a social experiment with unpredictable outcomes.

The Roman Catholic Church is itself a "social experiment" -- and PLEASE get the pedophiles out of the church. Please.   

Spend Some Time On This (Please).

You seem to be worried about my sex life, entirely too much, when there are ... pressing issues.

the crimes ....

Our children should not be victims of immoral activity amongst priests, nuns, and monks.

4) The establishment of same-sex marriage will pose yet another threat to religious liberty.

This doesn't even deserve an intelligent response.  Are the police coming to your church?

 Do they stop you from speaking? 

Your liberty is neither threatened, nor should it ever be.  I would defend your right with my life.

But ...

Two men were arrested this week for "buggery" in heavily Catholic, Dominica.  They pleaded guilty.  And accepted a sentence of 2 months in jail.

5) The debate over homosexual marriage will again distract our state leaders from other important issues and will further divide our community. T

Rhode Island was founded by Roger Williams.

He allowed for plenty of distractions.  Jews, Quakers, Baptists and ...  Roman Catholics .... discussion is never, really, a point of division.

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