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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Public Advocate of the United States" Shyster Charlatan Hate-Monger

This is Eugene Delgaudio.  He calls himself the "Public Advocate of the United States."  Last week, the Southern Poverty Law Center added him (his organization consists of him, alone) to their list of Hate Groups.  They're right.  Because he's a 501C he has to publish his tax forms.  He exists on peddling homophobia.  In 2010 he raised around $1.6 million.  For himself.  He does this by sending many emails to other homophobes, who then send him small donations.

His web site is here:

Send him an email.  I do it regularly.  You see, I'm on his mailing list.  His emails have multiple typos.  I correct his spelling for him.  He becomes quite angry.  Kill them with ABC tutoring, I say.

Oh, and here are some of the "special rights for homosexuals" that he's fond of screaming about (thanks to GLAAD and via JMG):  

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