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Thursday, March 15, 2012


Homophobia, Hatred, Violence and Bat-Shit Lunacy,  Thursday March 15, 2012

Pennsylvania:  Republicans Stall Marriage Equality  PA Stalling Tactics

U.S. :  Wingnuts Think Video Games Make Kids Gay  Fag Star Wars

Memphis:  Santorum Prays with X Treme Homophobic Preacher  Santorum, Memphis

 Dallas: 2 Gay Men Beaten with Baseball Bats  Dallas, TX

Iraq:  'Emo' Executions - Killing of Gay Iraqis Continues  EMO Killings

DOMA: Right Wing Fight Links DOMA Repeal With Healthcare  DOMA Fight

Washington DC: Gay Man Brutally Beaten by One Group, Robbed by 2nd Washington Gay Beating/Robbing

Hartford:  Gay Students Threatened on Campus, Supporters Rally    Hartford Threats

Homophobic Tweets to Their Own "gay" Unborn      Fetus' Twitter

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