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Sunday, March 11, 2012

"The Reprobate Mind"

In which Pastor Bill Ledbetter of the Fairview Baptist Church delivers a sermon.

Earthquake cracks the Washington Monument?
Hurricane floods New York, Vermont?
Financial crisis?

He understands it all.

Terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001?
New Orleans wiped out by Hurricane Katrina?

The good pastor tells us in his sermon that this is God's payback for "The Reprobate Mind" of Gays.

That's right folks, WE did it.  We're just so damned clumsy -- every time you turn around we're leveling cities, economies, tall buildings, small towns,  national monuments.

Hell -- I even ruined somebody's souffle last night just to keep my hand in.

At least he did this in the protected and sanctified space of his church.  A relief, that is.   

What's that?
I see.

Well.  He delivered this Christ-o-Babble-On package of insults, bigotry, and hatred on the floor of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.   Well OK.  He's clearly being persecuted.

(via Joe My God)

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