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Monday, April 30, 2012

Deported - END DOMA NOW

A Heartbreaking Picture of Discrimination is Worth a Thousand Words

My IRL gay blog world pal Bil Browning sent over this photo of discrimination in action that I just had to share with you. I think Bil says it best:
Devoted couple Inger and Phillipa Knudson-Judd were married in Iowa and are raising a young daughter together. Phillipa is a good woman with dual bachelors degrees, no criminal record, worked with the elderly and disabled, and is a published author; she’s also English. Yesterday, Phillipa was forced to abandon her family and return to England. The United States government says that she’s not fit to stay in the country with her loved ones because her family isn’t good enough.
Inger and Phillipa Knudson-Judd, lesbian couple deported, lesbian binational couple deported, this is what discrimination looks like
Gone. Phillipa has left the building – and the country. This devoted mother is now half a world away from her child and wife. And all for what? Why is this still happening?
Stop breaking up our families. Stop ruining our lives. DOMA and the dozens of associated laws – like this one preventing same-sex foreign nationals from remaining in America like their straight counterparts enjoy the right to – need to go. NOW.

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