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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Does The Soul Not Feel Better, When The True Church, Does Something Risky and Truth-Filled?

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And Thank you, Father Ryan, for being a human being, and sensible ... and Christian, and Catholic...

Father Michael Ryan, Seattle, who IS TO BE encouraged.

 "judge not, lest ye also be judged .. "  (I know, King James, that Cat Translation is SO Awful.)


Catholic Priest Stands Up Against Archbishop in WA Antigay Petition Drive

Via Think Progress:
But at least one Catholic leader — Father Michael Ryan of St. James Cathedral — is resisting the effort and refusing to “circulate petitions inside his parish for the campaign to repeal the state’s same-sex marriage law”:
Dear Friends,
Archbishop Sartain has written a letter in which he has expressed his support for Referendum 74 and for the collecting of signatures in parishes. Media reports regarding this are somewhat misleading. While the Archbishop has given his support to the effort, he has wisely left it up to each pastor to decide whether to allow the collection of signatures in his own parish.
After discussing the matter with the members of the Cathedral’s pastoral ministry team, I have decided that we will not participate in the collecting of signatures in our parish. Doing so would, I believe, prove hurtful and seriously divisive in our community.
Father Ryan
This statement took guts, and he received a standing ovation in his church upon his appearance. Read the details. It looks like people are not just falling in line with bigotry any more.

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