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Friday, April 20, 2012

Human Rights Campaign - Workplace Discrimination

Tell the President and Congress: End workplace discrimination now

Workplace Discrimination 
For LGBT Americans, "equal opportunity" means little without strong federal protections against workplace discrimination. Right now in 29 states, it's perfectly legal to fire someone just for being gay – and the same is true in 34 states if you're transgender.
We urgently need to update our nation's laws and regulations so that LGBT people don't have to be afraid to be open in the workplace.
The next steps in this fight are clear: we need Senate hearings to move the Employment Non-Discrimination Act forward, and we need the President to issue an Executive Order banning anti-LGBT discrimination by federal contractors.
Send a letter to the President and your senators now. Coupled with real stories of discrimination, your letter can help change hearts and minds. Please also use the space below to add why this issue is so important to you.


It's time to end workplace discrimination
Dear Mr. President and Members of the Senate,
As our economy rebounds from one of the most difficult times in memory, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans unfortunately remain vulnerable to hardship without meaningful protections against irrational workplace discrimination. I thank you for the steps you've taken to get our economy back on track, but we need to do more to level the playing field.

First, I respectfully ask that the Senate hold hearings on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act a common sense bill that would outlaw discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. While I know that final passage of this important law is an uphill battle, a hearing to showcase both the economic and human costs of discrimination would be a powerful step forward.

Secondly, Mr. President, I urge you to use your authority to mandate that companies receiving taxpayer money with federal contracts be barred from discriminating against workers based on their sexual orientation or gender identity as well. These protections are already in place based on categories like race and religion and it's time to update these regulations to cover all Americans.

Our country's most successful businesses know discrimination hurts the bottom line. It's time for federal action to address this pressing issue.   Link to Petition -- HRC

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