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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Zebras, Donkeys, Gays AND 14Years in Prison

No room for 'evil' gays in Gambia, says president

President of Gambia in West Africa compares gays and lesbians to donkeys and zebras
Gambia president Yahya Jammeh
The president of Gambia says his country has 'no room for gays and lesbians'.
Yahya Jammeh made the comments at the Legislative Chambers, while presiding over the 2012 State Opening of the National Assembly.
Referring to Western pressure for the African country to improve gay rights and threats to withdraw aid if it doesn't, he said: 'If you want us to be ungodly for you to give us aid, take your aid away, we will survive. We will rather eat grass than accept this ungodly evil attitude that is anti-God, anti-human and anti-creation.
'What is interesting is that Muslim veils have been banned [in some Western countries], and they want us to accept gays and lesbians in Africa, hell no! It will not happen in this country.
'We will not allow anything that is ungodly to take place on this soil. If you are caught and sent to jail, we will make sure that you are separated and put you in one jail where you will not see a man. We will not lock homosexuals in one jail.'
President Jammeh stressed that in Gambia someone will be treated not based on color or religion, but according to the way the person behaves, reported Gambia's The Daily Observer.
'We lost our traditional head scarf for a necktie, but we will not lose our humanity for the so-called human rights,' he added.
'There are certain things going on that are ungodly, evil and a challenge to the almighty Allah's wisdom in creating a man and a woman. In Africa, in the Gambia, in West Africa in general, if you [a man] don't want troubles, marry a woman and not a man. But if you want trouble and you are a man, have a man and see what is going to happen.
'We are not going to accept that. After all, I have donkeys, I have zebras that look like donkeys; I put them together, they have never met because they are different. I see no reasons why we human beings who are created by God cannot see the difference, it will not happen in this country. We will respect human rights where a human being behaves like a human being.'
Jammeh is well known for his homophobic stance and in 2008 ordered gays to leave the West African country or have their heads chopped off.
In February, he claimed gay people 'destroy' culture.
Gay men and women in Gambia can currently face up to 14 years in prison.

source: gay star news

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