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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Voices of Tolerance? Sunday Wingnut Sermons on Dan Savage, the "Bully"

dan savage and his husband greeted by vp biden

 A sampling of today's hatred spewed on regarding Dan Savage, etc.
Homophobia is unreal?  We over-react?  Savage is a "bully?"  These are all from the last 2 hours, and disgusting.

Obama White House Fundraises For Anti-Christian Bully Savage  link

There is a really hot place in HELL that is reserved for those.faggots...

This is exactly the kind of person Obama uses.  They bring a gun to the fight.  They crucify people.  It's who Obama is.  Obama is a giant cesspool and these are the viruses and biohazards that seep from his pool of filth into our country.

Well, if the Supreme court strikes down obamacare the guy won't get his aids medicine and nature will takes it's course, problem solved.


The gay magots are too stupid to realize that under a Muslim President they would be the first people in this country to be eliminated.  That is what is done in the middle east. 


To people like Dan Savage and Bill Mahr, it's the Christians who are the great evil in the world.  Although Christians don't toss so do mites off of buildings like the Taliban, or stone them like the mullahs do in most Muslim countries, its the Christians they fret over.  One can wonder why this apparent paradox is so.  It's simply that  evil despises good.  People like Savage and Mahr really have no choice. It's all part of the package of life choices they have made.


The only reason Danny boy doesn't bugger Biden is that there is no room to get around Joe's head

Just shoot and be done with the little intolerable pansy-ass bully.
Matter of fact just line all bullies up against the wall be they MSM, political or idealogical  and pop'em


Is it a suprise that the Obamasocialist administration would embrace this organization's attack on Christianity when we have a Christian hating Muslim in the Oval Office.  


eff you maggott go away we don't want you here

Constance, "Mom" of two border collies.

 Please remove the gay pride shirt and give it a rest for awhile.  Nothing hurts your cause more than yourself.  You are angry, bigoted, hateful, and just a mean little person.  People like you are the reason that people like me will never support so-called "gay rights".  If you are indicative of the crowd, I think I'll support other far more worthy issues in this country.  Enough of the glitter pink parade nonsense.  Grow up and contribute to this country instead of insulting it.

  • ephora
    When Romney moves into the White House they better fumigate it first.

  • sha4ss
    an EXORCISM would be more in line!

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