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Friday, April 13, 2012

Australian Testifies on Gay Marriage ....

That Incest is a Sport the Whole Family Can Enjoy
(and that the Gay Cure is coming soon)

A Christian opponent of gay marriage has likened homosexuality to the forbidden practice (of incest and says same-sex attraction can be cured.

While marriage equality advocates say refusing to grant full marriage rights to same-sex unions will cause gay people to suffer higher rates of anxiety and depression, religious groups have argued the step would undermine traditional marriage and create identity issues for children.
But Dr David Phillips, the national president of Family Voice Australia, took a personal approach in explaining how gay marriage was as wrong as wanting to marry a close relative.

"I rather liked my cousin, and I was told that's really not recommended, so we had a discussion in the family about those things. You can even marry an uncle, from memory," he told a House of Representatives committee in Sydney on Thursday examining two separate gay marriage bills.
But Dr Phillips said homosexuals should not despair.

"To suggest to someone that sexual attraction, at one point, is locked in concrete, there's nothing they can do about it, they have to live with it, is cruel for those people," he said.

Bishop Julian Porteous, representing the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, said gay marriage would create gender identity problems for children.
"If the definition of marriage is changed, it threatens this whole understanding of our own identity, and in turn that will lead to people being less secure about who they are and that can lead to society being damaged," he said.

I love it when these people dredge up every filthy thing out of the cesspools of their repressed minds in order to call us dog-fucking polygamist uncle sucking incestuous perverts (in one breath) and then say that they're not bigots, that they "love" us, but we can be cured ....  here's their website.  Why not send "Dr." Phillips a little feedback .. go ahead, it will make you feel better.   FAVA Link

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