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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mrs. Betty Bowers Takes "Candi" from Strangers

The ever lovely, ever gracious Mrs. Betty Bowers (America's Best Christian) was Christ-like enough to share her correspondence with a notorious "ex-gay" spokesman for the Focus on the Family, Mr. John Paulk --- aka "Candi" in his drag queen days.  Whilst assuring Betty that it was safe for her to attend an upcoming FRC event, Mr. "Candi" Paulk was .... how shall we put this ... 

oh yes, medically ... he was "relapsing" and found there was a bit more "GAY" and a little less "EX" --- sadly he was required to resign from the FOF in the midst of this ....

Paulk as "Candi"

Paulk as "Ex-Gay" Husband of an "Ex-Gay" Lesbian

Those of us in the profitable business of ex-gay ministries are rather livid with the people at Focus Group on the Family. You see, Focus Group on the Family put John Paulk on its payroll and trotted him out at every opportunity as proof that even the most unattractive homosexuals can renounce the hobby of being attracted to other men. As you may recall, Mr. Paulk graced the cover of Newsweek (with his ex-lesbian wife Anne) and suddenly was coronated (given his tawdry drag queen resume, I speculate this may not have been a first) the poster boy of our Ex-Gay Movement. Mr. Paulk is now chairman of Exodus International ex-gay ministry and in charge of Focus Group on the Family's "homosexual department" (which, I would hazard, is substantial).

Well, you can imagine my shock when Mr. Paulk was photographed cavorting in a Washington D.C. homosexual gay bar on September 19, 2000. I spent all morning on the phone with his tearful wife Anne – another Christian marriage on the rocks! Since I run the world's most lucrative Ex-Gay ministry BASH: Baptists Are Saving Homosexuals, I feel the need to distance myself from the missteps of Focus Group on the Family and its erstwhile ex-gay (who was foolish enough to think that someone who had appeared on the cover of Newsweek telling people being gay is a sham could frolic undetected in a seedy homosexual watering hole). Thus, I am sharing with you my correspondence with Mr. Paulk and his cohorts at Focus Group on the Family:

NOTE TO MY DEAR READERS: all of the letters you are about to read are exactly as they were sent and received; nothing has been changed

LINK TO THE EMAILS: The Paulk-Bowers Letters (grab a tissue, you'll be weeping) 


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