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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Unhappy Russian Customer Smashes Car Dealership

Watch This Angry Car Owner Smash Up a Russian Dealership Over Bad Service

Rule of thumb for business owners: The customer is always
so blinded by vodka-fueled anger that he will intentionally ram his car into the other vehicles at your dealership.
Here’s the skinny, from what we can gather: A customer brought his Suzuki SUV back to the dealership to have a faulty shock fixed. The dealer then refused. The customer wasn’t thrilled by this business decision, so went all Hulk Smash with his car on the dealership and its vehicles.
Also: Peep the security guard who tries to defend the dealership’s honor.
Also (Part II): Amazing use of “Highway to Hell.”

As usual when we’re treated to a Russian-based YouTube, it’s always awesome to plug some of the comments into Google Translate just to see how absurd its translations are:
• “Hundred-pudnyak a guy in a wheelbarrow, and played this song! : D”
• “may not be put. Tinted windows, rooms do not have”
• “Patrol had to take a test drive, you can do with their dealer to carry the same machine”
• “I had took out the guy seems to like that I spoke with the salon, I just remember to do) … sorry man sent to prison, and Respect him a huge, bold move for the patrol to take a test drive, you can even demolish car showroom and their own machine”

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• “and you’re gay or Major? Damn I POVRYAYU DO NOT HERE TO MAKE YOUR GOVNOVYVODY …… know all and see”
• “Now, if they occur on the guarantee – say a phrase – has gone to heat the car … you’re ready?”
• ”After such situations, the gap between the cabin and buyers shrinking! Comes understanding. Setting up a dialogue, this is the real path to a civilized society!”
• ”call is answered sit down on the tank and go bomb the Kremlin!”

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