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Friday, April 6, 2012

Virgin Boy Eggs Over Easy (Sam I Am)

"Gee Wally, my eggs taste kind of funny."  -- Beaver Cleaver


Well well well.  Happy Easter.


In Dongyang, China, one of the most popular springtime foods is eggs boiled in piss


It's believed that the urine of boys 10 years old or younger reduces body heat, helps blood circulation, and eases "joint" pain -- indeed.

Step one, naturally, is getting your hands on enough boy-pee to boil your virgin boy eggs in.

Not a problem though.  

Each day pee-collectors go to elementary schools and collect a vat or two from the boys bathrooms.   

The extremely popular street food sells for about a quarter each.

And they sell like NYC Pretzels.

The local government, instead of being concerned about potential health problems, says that this is an "intangible cultural heritage."

Hmm.  Seems pretty tangible to me.  

I wonder what you drink to wash down virgin boy piss eggs?


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