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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Convicted Felon and Homphobe Chuck Colson Digs Oscar Wilde

Homophobe Chuck Colson Claims Religious Persecution & Quotes Oscar Wilde


"I can't think of a single time" I've bashed gays"

"being gay is a health risk more dangerous than smoking."

"[being gay] is like jumping off a 10 story building"

                                                  --- convicted Watergate felon Chuck Colson

Chuck Colson claimed today that "secularists are attempting to confine the Christian voice to the church building." 

Hilary Clinton's (and the Obama adminstration's) efforts to promote gay rights internationally and call attention to state sponsored human rights violations against homosexuals is, in Colson's view  "reducing freedom of religion to worship."

He also criticizes the Obama  administration for supposedly cutting funding to Catholic charities.  He neglects to point out that religious recipients of federal tax dollars must simply comply with non-discrimination policies in their hiring decisions.

There is no God given right to federal $$, Chuck, and what on earth is wrong with Christian voices speaking in "the church building."

These people are astounding.  They would curtail the rights of anyone with whom they disagree -- most especially gay people.  Yet when they're called on the questions it's they who claim persecution. 

What, Chuck, about the "Bhuddist voice" or the "Muslim voice" or the "Atheist voice," or the "flying spaghetti monster voice."  Since when should the US be sponsoring matters of faith and individual conscience.

You can see his drivel here:


Perhaps the phrase ‘freedom of worship” os better. It puts religion in its place. Why do non-faithful have to be inundated with religion? And whose religion is supposed to take prominence?
For more proof of Colson’s distortions, see:
Setting the Record Straight on Federal Funding for Catholic Organizations
Colson is a member of the GLAAD CAP, which quotes Colson as saying, “being gay is a health risk more dangerousng than smoking,” and “[c]ompared being gay to jumping off a 10-story building.”

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