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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Kill Them Faggots Dead" Gay Man Sues MTA for $1.5 Million



"Cupcake" Sues MTA


According to a piece on the Village Voice blog today, Reginald Jenkins, a former coach cleaner for Metro-North is suing the MTA for $1.5 million.

 During last summer's Gay Pride parade, as Metro-North was shuttling people to and from the parade, co-workers began to shout "kill them faggots dead."  On June 26, Jenkins claims, he told his foreman that he felt very uncomfortable about his colleagues homophobic [homicidal] comments, which included a group sing of the disgusting Jamaican song "Batty Boy."  The song is a hate-filled diatribe attacking gay men and suggesting that they should be murdered --  hear it here: Batty Boy.

His foreman's response?  Jenkins claims that the man spent the rest of the day calling him "cupcake" and telling him to lighten up, and that the man referred to him as "cupcake" for the rest of that day.

The Voice has asked the MTA for comment, but have yet to hear back from them today.

source:  Village Voice

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