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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Is There Life on Planet Gay?

"Ex-Gay" Wingnut Homophobe Says Gays Are Like Pluto, (Need Downgrading)

For those of you who may not know .... there is another universe.  The "Ex-Gay" Universe.  It is populated by people who once considered themselves to be homosexuals ... but were "cured."  They have normally been "saved" by one or another sect of Christian fundamentalists.

In the Ex-Gay Universe, homosexuality is nothing more than sin.  It is a failure to resist evil temptation.

This is Tim Wilkins, a self-proclaimed ex-gay who has taken it upon himself to save the other Universe (the one that the rest of us occupy) by peddling patent nonsense like this:

----  There is no such thing as a same-sex relationship, only same-sex temptation.
----  Gay marriage is therefore impossible.
----  Since "same" sex relationships are, well  .... the "same" -- gays hate diversity.

He knows this because God tells him so, through scripture.  Because of these "truths" the good Mr. Wilkins says that same-sex relationships are analagous to the ex-Planet Pluto, and should be downgraded to "temptations."

That is how thought bounces around the rubber rooms in the "Ex-Gay" Universe.  He's an official spokesman for NARTH  Link  --- an organization devoted to curing queers.  Yup.

I like Planet Unicorn better than Ex-Gay Universe --  this is Episode 1.  Enjoy, if you've never seen this before.

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