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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Public Bigot of the United States Eugene Delgaudio

Oh to be on old Eugene's email address is a chore.  He sent me this today.  Seems Eugene nearly or actually LOST HIS LUNCH at the sight of 2 men kissing.

The subject line is "Warning upsetting pic inside"

His email goes on to discuss our homosexual "propaganda and filth."

 They’ve instructed homosexuals in uniform to flaunt their new found privileges.

And any member of the armed services who speaks out against it is publically condemned.

Last fall our nation saw one of the Navy’s most time-honored traditions, the first kiss of a ship’s homecoming, befouled when it was performed by two female Petty Officers.

And now this... the latest homosexual craze being promoted by the liberal media.

A U.S. Marine... just returning home... with his legs wrapped another homosexual in public.

If you care to see the image, you can click here.  But let me warn you again -- it is disturbing.

My friend, this is what they have planned for our future.

This is what they want the military to look like.

And any soldier who doesn’t like it faces immediate punishment.

Well, it might not be that long before men and women who embrace morality are banned from service.

You and I have to remain vigilant for the Homosexual Lobby’s schemes to further corrupt our military.

The loss of Don't Ask Don't Tell has certainly done a lot of damage, but I will never stop fighting to restore it...

...and to restore the right’s of the men and women serving in uniform to be free from radical homosexualism.

The greatest dangers still lie before you and me... 

This is the photo, and if all it takes to give the rotten bigot has a coronary  ...  we need more kissing.  

Many of us are proud that we live in a country that finally did away with DADT.

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